Equipment Borrowing

Whether you are looking to record a podcast from the convenience of your home or a promotional video on site, the Library has your content creation needs covered! The following items can now be borrowed from the Library Circulation Desk for up to 48 hours. Remember, the first time you borrow equipment, you will need to complete and submit an online Library Technology Lending Agreement Form before requesting equipment (in-person) at the Library Circulation Desk.

For hands-on equipment training, please visit the DME Lab. Our experts are available to meet with you to 1) review your project needs, and 2) provide you with training on how to best use the equipment you’ll borrow.

Circulation Desk Equipment Inventory

DJI wireless mic package product shot

DJI Wireless Microphone System

Use this 2-mic wireless lavaliere system to record high quality audio for your video productions. Users can record audio directly to their phone’s video recording app or to the Library’s Sony video cameras. Please note: a handheld microphone holder is included for interviews.

Sony Alpha ZV-E10 video camera product shot

Sony Alpha ZV-E10 Video Camera with 16-50mm PZ Lens

Popular among vloggers and content creator, this straightforward – yet highly versatile – video camera is ideal for 4K video shoots. Whether you’re an expert needing to dial in advanced settings, or a beginner who prefers to shoot in full auto, this camera will give you exceptional results with minimal setup time. Please note: this is not a still camera.

Camera tripod product shot

Video/Photo Tripod with Fluid Head

Our high end MVK500190XV video tripod is a breeze to set up for still and video photographers alike.

Camera monopod product shot

Video Monopod with Fluid Head

Our XPRO-Monopod with fluid head is ideal for still and video photographers seeking a lightweight solution for stabilizing their camera.

Smart phone tripod clamp product shot

Smartphone Tripod Clamp

Do you prefer to record video on your phone, but need a way to stabilize your camera? This attachment enables allows you to record using your own smartphones on one of the Libraries’ high end tripods. It is ideal for live streams and time lapse photography.

Yeti orb mic product shot

Yeti Orb Podcasting Microphone

This is a beginner-friendly podcasting microphone compatible with nearly all computer operating systems and mobile devices.

Zoom h6 portable recorder product shot

Coming Soon – Zoom H6 Microphone + Portable Recorder

This portable microphone is ideal for recording location sound using a provided stereo XY microphone that mimics two human ears. For those needing to connect to their own microphones (for podcasts, recording music, etc.), up to four XLR inputs may be used at a time. Please note: additional mic capsules and and XLR input expander have been ordered. Full specifications.

DJI Pocket 3 product shot

Coming Soon – DJI Pocket 3

If you’re new to shooting video or simply want a smooth shot, this 3-axis gimbal with integrated 4K camera is a phenomenal solution for creators. Full specifications.

DJI RS3 gimbal product shot

Coming Soon – DJI RS 3 Mini with Briefcase Handle

For creators with more advanced needs, this 3-axis gimbal (compatible with the Libraries’ Sony video cameras) is sure to give you great results. Please note: to use this equipment, a mandatory training session will be required at the SLC 308 DME Lab. Full specifications.

DJI RS3 gimbal product shot

Coming Soon – Lexar Pro 256GB SDXC Cards

Recording high quality video requires fast storage media with ample space. Please note: before returning their card, users must reformat (clear) the card they have borrowed. Full specifications.

Folding sound booth

Coming Soon – Collapsable Sound Booth

Highly portable, this folding sound booth is made of 2″ foam and can be set up in a variety of on-campus locations (bookable study spaces, meeting rooms, etc.) or off-site at a location of your choosing.

Ring light with tripod product shot

Coming Soon – Ring Light with Tripod

This intuitive ring light system allows you to improve your lighting for “selfie-style” recording to your phone.