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Library Student Staff Share Advice with You

Seven days a week, the Library is open to 1:00 a.m. We couldn’t do this without the help of our trusty Student Library Assistants.

student library assistants

They’re here late into the night and on the weekends. Maybe they’ve helped you find a book after class or you’ve seen them take headouts in the Library. Maybe they’ve help you with printing after CCS Tech Help has gone home or you’ve seen them tidy up study spaces after most people have left. Our Student Library Assistants are an integral part of the RULA team and we consider them student experts on using RULA. Today, we feature three of our student staff as they share tips for using the Library and exploring the city.


Lia, Psychology

Favourite Spot in Toronto: My favourite spot would have to be Kensington Market. I love the vibrant colours and the wall art as well as the little restaurants. It’s an inspiring neighbourhood for creatives.
Advice for Library Patrons: An advice would be to respect the space, throw away your garbage, and leave your station clean for the next person using it after you.


Hana, Industrial Engineering

Favourite Spot in Toronto: My favourite activity in the city is taking the ferry to Centre Island.
Advice for Library Patrons: A tip I have for students is to not give up when a book you need isn’t available at the Ryerson Library. Through RACER you can request a book from other university libraries. So before buying a book outright, try your luck by making a request through the RACER program.


Matthew, Psychology

Favourite Spot in Toronto: The Scarborough Bluffs are amazing!
Advice for Library Patrons: In the Library, quiet is key. Most of us here in the evening are trying to finish that paper due at 11:59 p.m. on D2L, and a stress-free work environment can be the difference between a pass and a fail, so I’d say quiet helps you and everyone around you.

For details about any of the policies and resources mentioned, check our website or speak to Library staff!