Last reviewed: May 24, 2024


The 3rd floor is an Individual Study floor consisting of computer workstations in an open area and in two labs.  On this floor you can find:

  • Study carrels with computers
  • Immersion Studio (access by appointment)
  • Collaboratory (member access only)
  • LIB393 – Classroom Lab (drop-in when classes not scheduled)
  • LIB393A – Drop-in Computer Lab


The 3rd floor of the library can be accessed via the library elevators or central staircase.



The 3rd floor has fluorescent overhead lighting throughout.


The 3rd floor is an individual study floor designed for quiet study. For group study space, visit floors 5 through 9. For silent, individual study space, visit the 10th floor. When the teaching lab in LIB393 is being used for classes, there may be noise from the activity in that lab.

Study and Learning Spaces

Seating on the 3rd floor consists of individual study carrels with computers and table seating with computers.  Two tables in the open area of the 3rd floor are height adjustable.

Two computer workstations with adjustable table tops
Computer workstations with adjustable height table tops

Individual Study Space

Study Carrels

Individual carrel with computer

Group Study Space

There is no dedicated group study space on the 3rd floor. Bookable group study rooms are available on the 5th through 9th floors. For silent, individual study space, visit the 10th floor.



There are men’s and women’s washrooms on the 3rd floor. All gender washrooms are available on the 4th floor and 7th floor. Washrooms with accessibility features are available on the 4th and 7th floor of the library.

Water Fountains

This a water fountain including a water bottle filling station on the 3rd floor, located in front of the female washroom.

Emergency Features

Type of alarm system, evacuation plan, security phones (tell people to look for the arrows, signs, etc)

Alarm System

The Library building has a two-stage alarm system. For two-stage alarms, please listen carefully to distinguish the signal, as there will be two different tones.

  • For the first stage, the signal is a slow, intermittent tone, and it signifies a “be alert” signal. In this case, stand by and be alert for potential evacuation of the building. Listen to any announcements made.
  • For the second stage, a fast, continuous tone signifies an “alarm” signal, and you must evacuate the building immediately. Do not wait for further announcements. Do not use the elevator.

If you have a disability that prevents you from using the stairs, please see Evacuation Plans for People Requiring Assistance

Emergency Exits

In the case of an evacuation, staircases are located adjacent to the elevator bank, and an emergency staircase on the east side of the floor.

Security Phones

There are two phones on the 3rd floor that can be used to call Security or the CCS IT lab (for technical assistance).  They are located in the open area of the floor immediately in front of the elevators.

Phone mounted on pillar in front of elevators