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9th Floor

Individual study carrels and shelving for books on the 9th floor


The 9th floor is for quiet individual and group study. On this floor you will find:

  • Books: call numbers from PT-T
  • Small collection of oversized books which are located prior to the PT’s
  • Individual study carrels
  • Bookable study rooms


The 9th floor of the library can be accessed via the library elevators or central staircase. 



The 9th floor has fluorescent overhead lighting over the central study area. Seating along exterior walls will receive limited natural light during the day from skylights. Individual study carrels have fluorescent lamps.


The 9th floor is a quiet study floor. Bookable group study rooms are available on the 5th through 9th floors. For silent, individual study space, visit the 10th floor. 

For further details please consult the TMU Library Noise Policy

Study and Learning Spaces

The 9th floor has individual study carrels and seating, quiet group study tables, and bookable group study rooms. 

Study Carrels

Individual study carrel on the 9th floor.

Each study carrel includes an electrical outlet at desk height and individual fluorescent reading lamps that can be turned on and off.

Collaborative Study Space

A round table for quiet group study with four chairs.

Seating for individuals and small groups is also available in the central study area.

Bookable Group Study Space

Large group study room on the ninth floor with a seven person table, chalkboard, and an LCD screen.
Small group study room on the ninth floor with a four person table and chalkboard

There are 4 bookable group study rooms available on the 9th floor. Rooms can be reserved via the Library’s Room Booking system.

All 9th floor study rooms are equipped with:

  • Accessibility features, with 4, 6, or 8 moveable chairs, and tables that are accessible to wheelchair users (surface height and clearance underneath).
  • A chalkboard. We ask room users to please erase the board before leaving the room.
  • Bigger study rooms have an LCD monitor. Users can connect their devices to the screen with an HDMI cable. HDMI cables and dongles for use with Mac laptops and Microsoft Surfaces are available for sign-out at the circulation desk on the 2nd floor..



There are men’s and women’s washrooms on the 9th floor. All gender washrooms are available on the 4th floor and 7th floor. Washrooms with accessibility features are available on the 4th and 7th floor of the library.

Water Fountains

There are two water fountains on the 9th floor. One is located on the east perimeter wall, behind the study carrels near shelves B23 and B24. The other is located in front of the male washroom. The water fountain by the washroom includes a water bottle filling station.

There are two accessible water fountains with water bottle filling stations available on the 2nd floor of the library. One is located in front of the circulation desk and the other in the Ronald D. Besse Information & Learning Commons next to LIB272C.

Water fountain with bottle filler across from the washroom.

Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer dispenser is affixed to the wall at the washroom entrance.

Hand sanitizer dispenser affixed to the wall next to the washroom entrance.

Emergency Features

Alarm System

The Library building has a two-stage alarm system. For two-stage alarms, please listen carefully to distinguish the signal, as there will be two different tones.

  • For the first stage, the signal is a slow, intermittent tone, and it signifies a “be alert” signal. In this case, stand by and be alert for potential evacuation of the building. Listen to any announcements made.
  • For the second stage, a fast, continuous tone signifies an “alarm” signal, and you must evacuate the building immediately. Do not wait for further announcements. Do not use the elevator.

If you have a disability that prevents you from using the stairs, please see Evacuation Plans for People Requiring Assistance

Emergency Exits

In the case of an evacuation, staircases are located adjacent to the elevator bank, and emergency staircases on the east and north sides of the floor.

Security Phone

Emergency phones and blue pull duress buttons that connect directly to TMU Security are located adjacent to the emergency exits and in select washrooms throughout the library. The location of the security phone is typically marked with a red flag sign.

On the 9th floor there are two security phones – one is in front of the elevator bank and one adjacent to the emergency stair L2 on the East side.

Security phone in front of the elevator bank on the 9th floor

Refer to the yellow signs located in all shared spaces to confirm your location (which is noted in a white box in the upper right corner).