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TMU Libraries Immersion Studio: An Overview of a Shared Immersive Technology Initiative to Enhance Educational Experiences

Presentation by TMU Libraries Immersive Technology Specialist Michael Carter-Arlt and Librarian Fangmin Wang for the Coalition for Networked Information, Pre-Recorded Project Briefing Series.

Extended Reality (XR) technology has been used in higher education and research for many years. However, there have been barriers for educational institutions to implement or adopt XR technology to support teaching, learning, and research. In this presentation, we will discuss how the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Libraries try to solve some of those challenges by implementing a shared immersive environment. Specific examples related to architectural science, documentary media, and interior design programs will showcase how the Immersion Studio is currently being used by faculty and students. In addition, the impact on educational experiences, the existing limitations, and future considerations will be discussed. The presentation will conclude with a summary of why a shared immersive environment can become an important resource and facility within academic libraries to enhance educational experiences.