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Summer Streaming at RULA

With Victoria Day unofficially kicking off the summer this weekend and RULA closed on Monday, we hope you have more time to relax and recharge. If you’re looking to relax by watching a film and can’t make it to the cinema, RULA has you covered. View our guide on online streaming services available to the Ryerson community and list of available documentary films.

Looking for a great film and not sure where to start? Below you’ll find lists of the top streamed films in the RULA collection.

Top 10 Streamed Films via Kanopy

10. Tough Guise 2
9. The Battle of Algiers
8. I Am Not Your Negro
7. Fall and Winter: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century
6. Flow: Psychology, Creativity, & Optimal Experience
5. Not Just a Game
4. Killing Us Softly
3. Class Dismissed
2. The Codes of Gender
1. Stuart Hall: Race – the Floating Signifier

Kanopy home page
Kanopy Film Titles via RULA

Top 10 Streamed Films via the NFB

10. We Were Children
9. Toronto Boom Town
8. Flemingdon Park: The Global Village
7. Invisible City
6. Hi-Ho Mistahey! (Short Version)
5. Smudge
4. First Stories – Two Spirited
3. Last Chance
2. Journey to Justice
1. We Regret to Inform You…

NFB Presents screen
NFB Titles via RULA