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Increasing Laptop Thefts in Library

With the exam period in full swing and students studying in the library in large numbers, we remind you to be aware of your surroundings and to keep a close eye on your belongings. Although our security staff patrols the library regularly, they cannot be on every floor at once.

In the last week alone, there have been no less than 4 laptop thefts reported in the library! If you have to leave your study area for any reason, take your belongings with you. We understand that it may be difficult to find study space at this busy time of year, but theft can occur in just a few seconds, especially is a thief is watching a particular area. Please do not rely on others around you to watch your belongings, as they may be distracted by their own studying.

Make this exam period less stressful by protecting yourself against theft. Watch your belongings and encourage others to do the same. Report any suspicious activity to security and library staff.

4 thoughts on “Increasing Laptop Thefts in Library

  1. I have two potential solutions for this issue that do not put all the responsibility on student’s shoulders. I should be able to go to the bathroom for 5 minutes without having to pack all my stuff.

    1) Hire more security and/or have the ones you have on staffspend more time doing rounds and less time reading the newspapers in the AV area. I spent four hours on Wednesday on the 10th floor and never once saw a guard. Having more would not only deter potential thiefs, it may also keep people from hogging desks by leaving their belongings on desks and departing for hours at a time.
    2) Stop letting people who do not have Ryerson IDs have access to the library. I understand that Ryerson likes to have an image of being open to the community but if theft is an issue and the school does not have the funds to best protect those using the library then maybe it’s time to rethink this policy.

  2. well said, donald cyr! If option two isn’t feasible, then retraining the guards to do their job effectively should be a priory. Reading the newspaper on the 5th floor for hours at a time should not be part of the job description.

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