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Do-It-Yourself Copyright Checking

Dedicated to checking copyright permissions yourself? 

Ensure that you follow the Library’s copyright checking workflow (see below) for material that you make available to students for free as print handouts OR on the university hosted Learning Management system – D2L. This is to mitigate risk to you for copyright infringement.

Copyright Checking 3-Step Workflow

1) Some material can be used without further copyright checking

Please note however that if material is protected by digital locks or passwords you cannot circumvent these locks and make the material available to your students. If you want to see what you can make available without further copyright checking refer to this list Material You Can Use Freely in Your Teaching.

2) Use existing licences that Toronto Metropolitan University has first!

If you are using third party copyrighted content TMU already has existing licences that covers a wide variety of material:

A) Electronic e-books and electronic journals, and ARTstor images in the library collection. Much of the material is covered by library licences that only allow you to make content available to students through persistent links. If the library vendor does not allow you to use their material in teaching please send the request to and we will clear copyright on your behalf. To check Library-licenced material follow these instructions.

B) The Access Copyright Licence at Toronto Metropolitan University expired Dec. 31st 2015. For Fall Term 2016 please use Step 1, Step 2A) Library Licences and 3) Fair Dealing to make your course readings available. If material you want to use is over 10% or one chapter (whichever is larger) of a work please make a request to  Library E-Reserve Service at so that this material can be copyright cleared.  SEE:  Access Copyright licence and what you need to Do.

3) Use the Toronto Metropolitan University Fair Dealing Guideline

If posting electronic material on-line under fair dealing you must use the university hosted Learning Management system – D2L.

The TMU Fair Dealing guideline does not cover material delivered for sale in coursepacks at this time. Coursepacks should be ordered through the Campus Store. If you have questions about these guidelines please contact

Copyright clearance for materials posted to Blackboard that exceed the Copyright Checking 3-Step Workflow.

If the amount you would like to use exceeds the Do-it-Yourself Copyright Checking workflow as outlined above, please use the Library E-Reserve Service at  If you do not clear copyright for amounts that exceed the Do-it-Yourself Copyright Checking guidelines this could result in legal consequences for yourself and your institution.