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Aboriginal Awareness Day

aboriginal awareness day

On Tuesday February 25th, Ryerson will be celebrating Aboriginal Awareness Day! Visit the Snack Stop (Upper HUB Cafeteria) between 11am-3pm where you can learn more about what it means to be Aboriginal at Ryerson.  There will be a traditional opening with Dr. Joanne Dallaire, a gallery walk with images and quotes, guest speakers, a selection of titles by Aboriginal authors available at Ryerson Library on display, and there will be some great food catered by Ryerson Eats!

Ryerson Library holds titles by many Aboriginal authors in our collection, such as works by award-winning novelists Thomas King, Joseph Boyden, and Eden Robinson. Check out some of their titles at the library today, and join this event hosted by the Cultural Awareness Committee from 11am-3pm on Tuesday February 25th!