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Borrow a Laptop!

The Library now has 30 wireless-enabled laptops available for borrowing from the Circulation Desk. Laptops may be borrowed for 3 hours while the Library is open. The first time you borrow a laptop, you will need to bring a completed copy of our Laptop Loan Agreement form to the Circulation Desk. More information can be found on our Laptop Loan pages.

12 thoughts on “Borrow a Laptop!

  1. This is a great sevice for the university to provide but 3 hours is not enough time to accomplish anything so is it worth all the bull to get your hands on a laptop?

  2. Hi,

    Before we launched our laptop loan program, we investigated similar programs and found that the norm in other libraries is a 3 hour loan.

    I recognize that if you needed to use a laptop for a class, it will probably not be long enough. Since we presently have only 30 laptops, we decided to stick with a 3 hour loan. We will monitor the program to see if this could or should be altered.

    To obtain a laptop, you need to fill out an Agreement Form only once per year. After that, it is a simple matter of requesting one at the Circulation Desk.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I understand the policy but he/she is right 3hrs in not enough time but I think its great that this type of service has opened up to the students.

  4. I agree! 3 hours won’t even be enough time to get anything done. Maybe the library needs to increase the number of computers available on the individual floors, where no such time limit exits for computer use. What am I supposed to do after the 3 hour time limit and all the computers on the library floors are now occupied? It will be more an incovinience that anything.

  5. Probably shouldn’t knock it just because of the time limit, just yet.
    Better question is, does it have wireless capability?
    If you’re finishing up an essay, can you swipe it across one of the printers in the library to print??

  6. Hi,

    I can appreciate that longer loan periods would be useful. However, we have to balance access with length of loan. We are in-line with other universities who offer this program (some even offer a 2 hour loan). If we offer a longer loan period, there will be fewer computers available at any given time. And, we currently do not have enough space to add more laptops.

    If there are additional laptops available at the end of your loan period, you may be able to keep the laptop for an additional three hours, but we cannot guarantee this, and it is not automatic.

    I will forward the idea of placing more computers on individual floors to the appropriate people.

    The laptops are wireless and you can print. For information on both, see our FAQ.

  7. Personally I tihnk it’s very cool. Why don’t you try using it for 3 hours before complaining that’s it’s too short. You could always spend those 3 hours sitting waiting for a computer in the lab to become available if you prefer.. or could always buy your own laptop?

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