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The Toronto Metropolitan University Library has published a range of titles. Over 125 of them can be found in the Pressbooks Directory as well as on the TMU Pressbooks site. Most of these books are Open Educational Resources (OER), but we also work with faculty and staff who want to explore other publishing option. We offer a wide range of publishing services.

Open Educational Resources
(OER) Books

Open Educational Resources are freely available to students. They are also licensed in such a way that you can take and adapt these texts for use in your own classroom as long as you credit the original authors.  These books are freely available on the web and are also available in a variety of downloadable formats.  If you would like to make use of these books in your course, check the licensing terms for each book to see what options you have.

Public Domain Core Collection

The Public Domain Core Collection project consists of a collection of over 50 public domain texts and a faculty guidebook for using those texts either as standalone resources or as the basis of open assignments.