Staff & Research Consultants

Meet the the Library Collaboratory staff and research consultants. Collectively, they each bring diverse academic and professional backgrounds and skills to the table. Library Collaboratory members may book an appointment for some one-on-one time, book technology training, or get consultation on a research project.

Jimmy Tran (PhD), Research Technology Officer
Contact Jimmy for training in 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, and all other technology at the Collaboratory. Jimmy also advises on project development, implementing technology, robotics and system design.

Cristina Pietropaolo (MA), Operations Specialist
Contact Cristina to arrange appointments with Collaboratory Graduate Assistants. Cristina also advises on project planning, project coordination, and research design. She holds an MA in Folklore, studied at the University of Edinburgh and is currently working toward a Master of Information with a specialization in Book History & Print Culture at the University of Toronto.

Graduate Student Research Consultants

Nathaniel Brunt, PhD Candidate
Nathaniel is an interdisciplinary scholar, photographer and educator, currently pursuing a PhD in the Communication & Culture program. His doctoral research is supported by SSHRC and The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. Nathaniel is available to advise on grant writing, documentary projects, exhibitions, photographic projects, and digitization projects.

Jae Duk Seo, MsC
Jae is a multidisciplinary researcher, Youtuber, and student. His master’s research is focused on artificial intelligence, and more specifically, representation learning and connection to information theory. Jae is available to advise on machine learning, simple web projects, and digital content creation.

Alexa Vachon, PhD Student
Alexa is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and photographer who is a PhD student in the Communication & Culture program. Alexa’s research explores ethical forms of visual representation and alternative forms of research and dissemination in the arts and academia. Alexa is available to advise on research design, project planning, photography & multimedia works, collaborative practices, interdisciplinary research, and getting stuff done.