Become a Member

Faculty, sessional instructors, research staff and graduate students are encouraged to apply for membership.

  • Registration: Faculty & Research Staff Members (to be completed by members of TFA, CUPE Unit 1, CUPE Unit 2, OPSEU or MAC | Faculty & Research Staff memberships do not expire )
  • Registration: Graduate Students (to be completed by students currently enrolled in a Master’s or PhD programme, or by postdoctoral students and research fellows | Graduate Student memberships expire upon graduation)
  • For Research Project Team Registration (to be completed by Project Leads. Project Leads must be members of TFA, CUPE Unit 1, CUPE Unit 2, OPSEU or MAC | Every new project must be registered)

NB: All graduate student members and research assistants are required to attend an orientation session, held monthly, before door access is granted.

Logo and Acknowledgment

All researchers and (and associated assistants) who access Library Collaboratory resources (including consultation, workspace and/ot training) in support are required to acknowledge this support by displaying the Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries logo.

  • in all print and digital promotional materials (e.g. social media, flyers, posters, etc.);
  • in books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs and other physical media;
  • in music, film and video credits;
  • on websites;

Click on the image to download the TMU Libraries LOGO