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Learn how to use the new academic search tool, Omni.

Search Everything FAQ

  1. What is included in Search Everything?
    Search Everything searches across all the records in the Library’s catalogue, the entire full-text content from TMU’s authors in the Digital Repository plus millions of full-text articles. It excludes title from two major electronic resources – Factiva and Lexis/Nexis and some individual journal titles.
  2. Why has the Library implemented Search Everything?
    We know it is often difficult to choose an appropriate place to search (catalogue, database, index) for resources. Search Everything eliminates the need for you to select a resource before starting your search. It allows you to search across the breadth and depth of the Library’s collection of resources and ensures quality scholarly results. Usability studies have indicated that users prefer a more comprehensive search interface similar to Google.
  3. Does Search Everything replace the Library’s catalogue and individual databases?
    No, you can still search the catalogue and individual databases as before to take advantage of their specialized features.
  4. How does Search Everything compare with Google Scholar?
    Search Everything reflects the content that is available to the TMU community, this includes all of our books, journals, DVDs, articles, etc. GS and SE index different bodies of scholarly content; however, there is some overlap between the two.
  5. How can I make a comment or suggestion about Search Everything?
    Your feedback is very important to us particularly as we launch this product in beta. Please tell us what you think of Search Everything by using the feedback link located in the top right of each Search Everything page.
  6. How can I determine if a journal title is indexed in Search Everything?
    Use the Advanced Search option and enter the title of the journal in the “From this publication” box. If the journal is indexed you will get a list of the articles from this journal.
  7. How easy is Search Everything to use?
    Try this – Copy and paste this article title into the Search Everything search box – Staff perceptions of e-learning for teaching delivery in healthcare. See how easy it is to find the article. Now try finding this article from the Library website without using Search Everything Beta.
  8. I need help using Search Everything. Who should I contact?
    You can visit the Research Help Desk, chat with us on Ask or contact your subject librarian.