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Loney, James

James Loney


: 416-979-5044 ext. 553409

: Digital Media Experience Coordinator

: Library Learning Services


As the TMU Libraries Digital Media Experience (”DME”) lab coordinator, James manages programs and services offered through the DME lab. He is responsible for the DME’s technology infrastructure, digital media training initiatives, lab projects, and supervising lab staff. As a lifelong maker, James is passionate about connecting library patrons to first-rate technology and exceptional training support.

Previously, James has held such industry roles as TV master control operator, training experience designer, video editor, and ProCom Creative Technology Lead. James completed his BA in Radio and Television Arts from Toronto Metropolitan University. He also holds an MA in Communication and Culture (York and Toronto Metropolitan Universities). His SSHRC-funded graduate research examined the intersection of physical space and the Facebook Mobile app. James' work discussed to what extent Facebook Mobile organized a distributed labour network capable of extending Facebook's virtual influence into physical space. More recently, James has completed certificates in Adult Learning and Development (OISE CPD), Facility and Property Management (TMU Chang School), and Architecture (TMU Chang School, in progress).

Contact James for: instructor course collaborations, DME policies, requests for new DME services, and group tours of the lab space.