Project Update: June 19, 2017

The project has been divided into four workstreams, with each group meeting weekly:

  • Infrastructure (led by Hongbo He/Fangmin Wang)
  • Communications & Community Building (led by Ann Ludbrook/Sally Wilson)
  • Learning Module (led by Naza Djafarova/Lars Svekis)
  • Pressbooks (led by Rebus/Pressbooks)

Recent highlights from the Infrastructure Workgroup

  • Establishment and ongoing testing of a DSpace instance, DSpace is the institutional, open repository platform for this project
  • Active work on testing content uploads using sample open textbooks received from the Library
  • Collaboration with the Library on metadata standards to inform DSpace schema approach
  • Collaboration and code sprint with BCcampus OpenEd team to assist with a migration from their proprietary repository for DSpace to enable Ryerson team to gain hands-on experience, and gather schema best practices
  • Request for quote process, hiring and onboarding of a UXD Design team, Toronto-based Agile

Full details here

Recent highlights from Communications Workgroup

  • Establishment of a Project Blog
  • Congress 2017 OER Promotional/Community Event on May 30
  • Creation of a Poster Presentation
  • Launch of a Twitter channel
  • Upcoming teleconference with Scholar’s Portal and OCLS
  • Creation of a event banner and supporting collateral
  • Ongoing news and blog posts

Recent highlights from Pressbooks

  • APIs and Cloning
     migrating the Pressbooks API (built by Brad Payne from BCcampus) to the WordPress core REST API, extending the metadata capabilities, and building “cloning” of Pressbooks books into Pressbooks core
  • Request for Quote, hiring and onboarding of UXD Designer for Pressbooks Montreal-based Plank

Recent highlights from the Learning Module Workgroup

  • Research into different systems as part of an extensive environmental scan
  • Discussions of  SMART workflow functionality, which would support an instructional design (ID) workflow
  • Survey of multiple methodologies to support course authoring
  •  Reviews of standards and innovative ways of content digestion and distribution
More details about Pressbooks project work in support


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