Meet the Working Groups

There are four working groups working to support the primary project goal which is to:

Build a prototype open publishing infrastructure to integrate and extend the BC Open Textbook Library that will be migrated from BCcampus to eCampusOntario in May 2017 with a project completion date of Aug. 31, 2017

The four working streams to support this objective which are:

  • A working Pressbook prototype with enhanced features
  • Integrate an open source repository that will support the open textbook platform and other content
  • Community building and knowledge mobilization
  • Learning module authoring and distribution prototyping

The Pressbooks Working Group is focused on:


  • Developing and implementing a customized/branded design for an eCampusOntario Open Textbook authoring system
  • Improvements to the Open Textbook catalog design and implementation
  • Improvements to standard Pressbooks web-based “book” interface
  • Custom template (web, pdf, epub/mobi) for eCampusOntario

Cloning Books & Collections

  • This project will develop a federated approach to “cloning” openly licensed Pressbooks books — so that any Pressbooks user, or any Pressbooks system can easily “clone” a book (or collection of books) from one system to another, making it easy to modify, remix and reuse books, and collections.
  • Makes significant improvements to metadata schemas and APIs of the underlying open source Pressbooks system.

Infrastructure Working Group is focused on:

  • Integrate an open source repository that will support the open textbook platform and other content
  • Evaluate available open source repository systems and consult with BCcampus and other Canadian institutions regarding their OER repositories
  • Install, configure and customize the functions of the selected repository system to meet the requirements of open textbooks and other types of OER content Develop a customized/branded design for an eCampusOntario open textbook library
  • Investigate and integrate a Single Sign On (SSO) authentication system (e.g. CAS and Shibboleth) for the selected repository system
  • Integrate the selected repository system with Pressbooks
  • Extend repository to support possible identified requirements that are not supported out of box

Communications Working Group is focused on:

  • Engaging in ongoing promotion, information sharing and leadership activities across Ontario to support Open Education Resources (OER) skill-building and development
  • Speaking at post-secondary events dedicated to open learning content development
  • OER working teams and experts actively engaged in community- and foundation-building activities across the higher education community.
  • Consult with representation from OCUL, OCLS, University of Waterloo, and Queen’s University
  • Consultation with upcoming OER and Library association meetings to include focus groups
  • Establish opportunities to receive iterative feedback from representative community partners through existing grassroots communities.

The Learning Module Working Group is focused on:

  • Complete an environmental scan of existing open source learning module authoring systems
  • Consult with learning design and faculty support communities in Ontario (OUCEL and College Technology Support)
  • Draft specifications for a learning module authoring and repository system to include:
    • Exploration of common format for distribution. Module distribution outline and requirements
    • Integration and introduction of ID workflow within authoring tool
    • Making common learning objects available within the authoring process
    • Design and create conceptual prototype

For more about the team, visit the project team members list here