Infrastructure Workgroup Update

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With the Ryerson DSpace instance up and running, the Ryerson CCS Applications Services team is now working in close collaboration with the BCcampus to assist them in their migration from the proprietary Equella system (the SOLAR website) to DSpace, the open source repository solution.

This joint effort will allow the Ryerson working group to collect experience and hands-on experience, and support the BCcampus team in their efforts. This exercise will also allow the team to learn more about the Open Textbook application (available on GitHub) aka “The Brad App” and its work with DSpace.

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Meet the Working Groups

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There are four working groups working to support the primary project goal which is to:

Build a prototype open publishing infrastructure to integrate and extend the BC Open Textbook Library that will be migrated from BCcampus to eCampusOntario in May 2017 with a project completion date of Aug. 31, 2017

The four working streams to support this objective which are:

  • A working Pressbook prototype with enhanced features
  • Integrate an open source repository that will support the open textbook platform and other content
  • Community building and knowledge mobilization
  • Learning module authoring and distribution prototyping

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