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License Lookup Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to use the Library’s A-Z Journal Title List to determine legal uses of journals and articles in the Library’s collection.

  1. On the Library’s home page, click on the Journals List tab.
  2. Enter the title of the journal in the search box, in this case “Journal of Archaeological Research” and click on the Go button.
  3. Click on the title of the journal in the resulting list
  4. View where the journal is available and the licensed uses of the journal.

    This window may contain multiple entries for your journal title as it may be available from several sources.  Note that the dates covered by each database vary.  If you are looking for a specific year or volume/issue, select the database that matches your criteria.For example, if you wanted to use an article in this journal from 1994, you could not access this journal from Academic Search Premier as this database only has the journal from 1998,
    or from the  Canadian Research Knowledge Network which has this journal from 1997.

    However, both Scholars Portal and Springer Link Historical Archives include access to this journal for the year 1994.
    License Terms of Use information is found below the Full Text Online link.  Most databases will include these terms; however, licensing information is not available for Scholars Portal, so please use other databases that do have this information.Let’s look at the Springer Link Historical Archives’ License terms as an example.

    The Yes beside E-Reserve means that you may include material from this resource in e-reserves, which are electronic copies of articles stored on a secure network for use by students in connection with a specific class.The Yes beside CMS means that you are allowed to post anything from this journal in a course management system, like D2L Brightspace.The Yesbeside CoursePacks means that you are allowed to include material from this journal in a printed course pack.The Yesbeside Link means that you are able to create persistent or durable links to individual articles or ebooks.The Yesbeside ILL means that this journal can be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan.It is important to remember that these license terms are specific to each database.  Therefore you must use a copy of the article from the specific database that allows for the usage right you need.If you need more detailed information about these terms, you can click on them to go to a more detailed page about the license terms for that specific database.

If you have any further questions, you can click on the Ask Us link on any Library web page.  You can also reach us by phone (416-979-5055), email or in person at the Research Help Desk.  Or you can send an email query to

Thank you for reading this tutorial “Understanding License Terms of Use.”