Research Project Team Registration

Research Project Team Applications are for project leads who require workspace, storage, and expedited access to technology, or would like access for their research teams. Projects may only need a week of fabrication time and space, or six months of program development time, and we would like to accommodate all. Once project leads have completed the registration form, they will be contacted to schedule a meeting to discuss how the project will fit into the Library Collaboratory.

Applications will be assessed based on relatedness to Toronto Metropolitan University’s policy of Scholarly, Research or Creative Activity (SRC) or curriculum development, and fit within the Library Collaboratory space and mandate.

All researchers (and any associated assistants) who access Toronto Metropolitan University Library Collaboratory resources (including consultation, workspace and training) in support are required to acknowledge this support by displaying the Toronto Metropolitan University Library logo.

  • in all advertising and promotional materials (e.g. posters, bulletins, flyers, print ads);
  • in books, periodicals and other literature;
  • on CDs, DVDs and other artistic materials;
  • in music, film and video credits;
  • on websites