Graduate Student Registration

Applicants must currently be enrolled in a Master’s, Professional Master’s Diploma, or Doctoral program at Toronto Metropolitan University, or equivalent research position.

Members will be chosen based on quality of application and desire to contribute to the research community at Toronto Metropolitan University. Students without access to a dedicated research lab will be given priority over those who already have access to alternative workspace across campus.

Accepted members will have access to our full list of our tutorials and tools which include high end graphics cards, an IoT enabled internet network, virtual reality and AR technology and a fully equipped fabrication studio (laser cutter, 3D printers, a digital embroidery machine and more).

  • Card-access locked workspace
  • Lockers for equipment and storage
  • Access to technology resources
  • Research project support and consultation

NB: All graduate student members must first complete an orientation before being granted full access to the space and resources.

All graduate student researchers (and any associated assistants) who access Toronto Metropolitan University Library Collaboratory resources (including consultation, workspace and training) in support are required to acknowledge this support by displaying the Toronto Metropolitan University Library logo (forthcoming after renaming).

  • in all advertising and promotional materials (e.g. posters, bulletins, flyers, print ads);
  • in books, periodicals and other literature;
  • on CDs, DVDs and other artistic materials;
  • in music, film and video credits;
  • on websites;