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For more a detailed online Help guide to searching in RACER, please click on the Help button in RACER.

Registration Problems

RACER claims my barcode and PIN are invalid Because RACER is available to TMU community members only, you will be asked to login with your torontomu username and password when you first set up your RACER account
I am unsure of my University ID Your University ID is the number printed directly under your name on your OneCard, NOT the 13 digit barcode.
Which e-mail address should I use on the registration form You must enter a TMU e-mail (i.e., pganguly[at] on your registration form because the Interlibrary Loan department will communicate with you via this e-mail only.
I am unable to login to RACER after successfully completing the
registration form
You should normally be able to login to RACER right after you’ve completed the registration form but it may be wise to wait for 5 minutes before logging in. Your login sometimes can take longer to take effect. If you still cannot login, try later in the day. Do NOT re-register. Be sure to use your correct login, password and Library location (TMU).
The password is case sensitive. If you still have problems call the Interlibrary Loan department at 416-979-5314.
How do I create my own search profile? Search Profiles are used in RACER to present users with collections of databases for searching. RACER automatically gives you by default, several pre-created search profiles of collections.These profiles are “shared” by and available to all users.The system also gives you the option to create your very own search profile of collections to reflect your special interests.  Here are the steps:

  • Click Search Profiles in the left navigation bar
  • Click Create
  • Give your search profile a name (required), and a description (optional).
  • Click on the Collections you want to search when you use this search profile.
  • Click on Save when you’re finished.

You may create as many search profiles as you need. They are available only to you and will not be labeled ‘shared’.

How do I revise my user search profile? You can always revise your User Search Profile

  • Select User on the sidebar
  • Select Profile from the top menu
  • Follow on-screen instructions and Submit

Login Problems

There is a login error message: “Authentication declined” Reasons for this message are varied. Some are listed below.• You entered your Login, ID or password incorrectly.Your Login should be your Student Number or Staff number. Please remember passwords are case sensitive. Try them again or contact the Interlibrary Loan Dept. at 416-979-5314.

If you have just registered, wait a few minutes between registering and logging in.

I forgot my login/password If you have forgotten your password, call the Interlibrary Loan Dept. at 416-979-5314.
There is a login error message: Your account has expired Your interlibrary loan privileges have expired. Please contact the Interlibrary Loan Department at 416-979-5314 to update your record. Do NOT re-register.
There is a login error message: Your account is currently “suspended” Your interlibrary loan privileges have been temporarily suspended. Do NOT re-register. Please contact the Interlibrary Loan Department to clear your status.


Which collections should I choose for searching? Choose any collections you like for the subject or geographic areas you want. You may choose more than one collection in a group, but selecting all collections will slow down your search.
Wherever possible, include TMU when searching.
In the advanced search mode, which tabs should I select? The most frequently used tabs for searching are author, title, ISBN and ISSN. Other tabs may not yield comprehensive search results because of the differences in configuration of individual library catalogues.
I did not find the item while searching RACER. You may still submit a request by completing a blank form.  Select Create Request on the left navigation bar.  Complete appropriate blank form and Submit.
My searching problem is not listed here. Please call the Reference Desk at 416-979-5055, Option 3, or call the Interlibrary Loan department at 416-979-5314. A RACER help button linking to a VDX help pages is also available on most RACER screens.

Blank Interlibrary Loan Form

I need to submit a request via a blank Interlibrary Loan form Select Blank Request Form on the left navigation bar.  Complete appropriate blank form and Submit.


RACER and VDX : What do they mean? RACER stands for Rapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting which is the Interlibrary Loan service used by Ontario University libraries.  It runs on software called VDX (Virtual Document eXchange) produced by Fretwell Downing, Inc.
Where can I find more detailed help online? Click on the HELP button under My Account in the left navigation bar. You will find help screens that are related to the section of RACER you are currently using.
My problem is not listed here Please call the Interlibrary Loan Department at 416-979-5314.