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Lorraine Monk Donation

Lorraine Monk and Ryerson University staff viewing the Monk Donation

In November of 2001, the Ryerson University Library celebrated Lorraine Monk’s donation of a substantial collection of fine art photography books to the Library. Lorraine Monk, Officer of the Order of Canada and founding Executive Director of the Canadian Museum of Photography was, from 1960 to 1980, the Executive Director of the Still Photography Division, of the National Film Board of Canada. She is the recipient of 2 honorary doctorates (York University, Doctorate of Letters, and Carleton, Doctor of Literature), and many other honours, for her contributions to Canadian photography.

About Lorraine Monk

Majestic Land, by Lorraine Monk. Maclean’s September 18, 2000 vol 113 no 38 p26-9

Photographs that Changed the World (review) by Steve Kellman. USA Today March 1990 vol 118 no 2538 p.96

Works by Lorraine Monk

Toronto: Macfarlane Walter & Ross, c1989. (Special limited deluxe edition; autographed by the author.)

These things we hold dear: an album of photographic memories / Lorraine Monk, author; V. John Lee, designer; John Robert Colombo, literary consultant; [photographers, Brian Atkinson… et al.]. Toronto, ON.: Lorraine Monk Productions Inc., c1999.
(A millennium celebration honouring Canada’s photographers; copy signed by the author)

National Film Board of Canada.

Canada. Ottawa: National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with Clarke, Irwin, 1973. Editors and designers: Lorraine Monk, Allan Fleming, Ernie Herzig.
(“This book was specially commissioned in a limited edition by the Canadian Government as its official gift to Her Majesty the Queen and the Commonwealth leaders” to commemorate the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in Ottawa, August 2-10, 1973–Dust cover.)

Stones of history: Canada’s Houses of Parliment: a photographic essay / black and white photography and interior colour by Chris Lund; exterior colour photography by Malak; executive producer, Lorraine Monk; foreword by Vincent Massey; text by Stanley Cameron. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer, [1967].

National Film Board of Canada. Still Photography Division.

Between friends Entre amis /produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Still Photography Division. Toronto, Ont.: McClelland and Stewart, c1976. (Presentation copy).

Photography 1975 /Photographie. Ottawa : National Film Board of Canada, 1975. Executive producer: Lorraine Monk; designer: Heather Cooper.
(“…images produced by women in Canada and presented as a major exhibition in the Photo Gallery, Ottawa, during the summer of 1975… to commemorate International Women’s Year.”; autographed copy. )

Signature 1 / Tom Gibson. Ottawa: National Film Board of Canada, Still Photography Division, 1975. (Lorraine Monk, Executive Producer)

Waddington, Miriam.
Canada : romancing the land / Lorraine Monk [editor] ; poetry by Miriam Waddington. Toronto: Key Porter Books, c1996.

Works of Other Artists

Limited Editions; Autographed Copies

Berton, Pierre.
Winter/ photographs by Andre Gallant. Toronto: Stoddart, 1994. (Copy autographed by photographer.)

Bourdeau, Robert.
Robert Bourdeau / [produced by the National Film Board of Canada in association with Mintmark Press Limited]. Toronto: Mintmark Press, [1979]. (This edition is limited to eight hundred copies of which 369 are signed by the artist. Ryerson Library has signed copy 105.)

Freedman, Jill.
Firehouse / photographs by Jill Freedman; text by Dennis Smith.1st ed. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1977. (Autographed copy, inscribed to Lorraine Monk.)

King, B. A.
Criss-cross applesauce/ by B.A. King and children; text by Tomie de Paola. Danbury, NH: Addison House, c1978. (Autographed copy.)

The last wilderness: images of the Canadian wild. Toronto: Key Porter, 1990.(Autographed copy.)

Lees, Gene.
Jazz lives: 100 portraits in jazz / by Gene Lees; photographs by John Reeves. Toronto: Stewart House, c1992. (Signed by author.)

Mark, Mary Ellen.
Passport. [New York]: Lustrum Press, 1974 (Includes inscription to Lorraine Monk by the artist.)

Made in Canada: photographs of Toronto circa 1910 from the collection of Michel Lambeth. Portfolio No. 1 published by Editions Grafikos. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1967. (Edition of 2000, unnumbered.)

Mowat, Farley.
This rock within the sea: a heritage lost /[by] Farley Mowat; photographs by John de Visser. [Boston]: Little Brown, 1968. (Autographed copy.)

Newhall, Nancy Wynne.
Ansel Adams: The eloquent light: his photographs and the classic biography/by Nancy Newhall. Millerton, N.Y.: Aperture; [New York]; distributed by Harper & Row, [1980]. (Autographed copy.)

Canadians at work /photography by Vincenzo Pietropaolo ; introductory essay by Sam Gindin; additional photography by Denyse Gérin-Lajoie … [et al.]. Toronto: CAW-Canada, 2000. (The CAW Millenium project; autographed copy.)

Celebration of resistance: Ontario’s days of action. Toronto: Between the Lines, 1999.

Porter, D.H.
Baggage. [Toronto]: Coach House, 1974. (Limited edition; one of 1000 copies.)

Renato Begnoni: Immagini della melmoria: testo critico/ Guiliana Scime. Verona, Italy:Palazzo Gandini-Bugna, 1995. (Autographed copy.)

Stettner, Louis.
Women: 22 photographs in celebration of International Women’s Year. [New York: Stettner, c1975] (Portfolio, 789/1000.)

Sugino, Shin.
15 frozen images / by Shin Sugino, on Polaroid Type 105 positive/negative film; design and art direction: Scott Thornley. Toronto, ON.: Herzig Somerville Limited [printer], [199-?].
(This portfolio of photographs is a limited edition of 500. The photographs in this portfolio have been selected from the photographic exhibition, Moroccan portraits, held at The Bay, Bloor and Yonge Streets, Toronto.)

The SX -70 experience: twelve instant images. Haarlem, Netherlands: J. Enschede & Zonen., [c1975?]
(Photographs by Charles Eames, Judith Eglington, Sam Haskins, Ikko, Monique Jacot, Rita Kohmann, Michael Kostiuk, Jr., Francois Lamy, Horst Munzig, Helmus Newton, Pete Turner, and Christian Vogt. This portfolio is a limited edition of 1000 copies;images autographed in the first fifty copies.)

Symons, Scott.
Heritage: a romantic look at early Canadian furniture/by Scott Symons; photographs by John de Visser. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, c1971. (Copy signed by both author and photographer.)

Taylor, Jeremy.
Intersection: Toronto and the poetics of urban space/ photographs by Jeremy Taylor; introduction by Har-Prakash Khalsa ; with a foreword by Gary Michael Dault. [Calgary: Folip Gallery Inc., 2000]. (No. 31 in a signed, limited edition of 350.)

Teske, Edmund.
Edmund Teske. [Los Angeles]: Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 1974.
(Catalogue of the exhibition held September 18- October 20, 1974 in the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Autographed copy.)

13 essays on photography/with an introduction by Geoffrey James. Ottawa: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, [1990]. (Limited edition of 1750 copies.)

Thorneycroft, Diana.
Diana Thorneycroft: the body, its lesson and camouflage/edited by Meeka Walsh. Winnipeg: Bain & Cox, 2000. (Autographed copy.)

Towell, Larry.
Then Palestine. [photographs and notes by] Larry Towell ; [poems by] Mahmoud Darwish ; [historical essay by] René Backmann ; [edited by Maureen Clarke]. 1st U.S. ed. New York: Aperture Foundation, 1998. (Autographed copy.)

The Witkin Gallery 25: a celebration of twenty five years of photography in New York City/ with a portfolio selected by Evelyn A. Daitz and an introduction by Peter C. Bunnell. Toronto: Lumiere Press, c1994. (Limited edition of 250 copies.)

Young, Catherine M.
To see our world/ with an essay by Margaret Atwood and quotations from the Journals of Henry David Thoreau. New York: Morrow, c1980. (Autographed copy.)

Other Works

Ansel Adams, 1902-1984/ edited by James Alinder. Carmel, CA : Friends of Photography, c1984.

Aperture. [San Franciso, Calif.]: Minor White.
Volume 16, number 1, 1971 and Volume 19, number 4, 1975.

Avedon, Richard.
Richard Avedon, photographer; September 10 – October 4, 1975 / Marlborough Gallery, New York. New York: Marlborough Gallery, [1975].
(Catalogue from the exhibition held at the Marlborough Gallery, New York, September 10-October 4, 1975.)

The Banff purchase: an exhibition of photography in Canada. Toronto: Wiley, 1979.
(Catalogue of a travelling exhibition of photographs from the collection of the Banff Centre. “An exhibition of photography in Canada.”)

Barnes, Elliott ,1866-1938.
A delicate wilderness : the photography of Elliott Barnes, 1905-1914/ edited and introduced by Edward Cavell. 2nd ed. Banff, Alta.: Altitude Pub. & the Whyte Foundation, c1983.

Being without clothes. New York: Aperture , 1970.
(Catalogue of an exhibition presented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nov. 3-29, 1970, with commentary by M. White.)

Bill Brandt: photographs, 1928-1983/ edited with an introduction by Ian Jeffrey. London: Thames and Hudson, c1993.

Bry, Doris.
Alfred Stieglitz: photographer. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1965.

Cahn, Robert .
American photographers and the national parks/ Robert Cahn and Robert Glenn Ketchum. New York: Viking, 1981.

Callahan, Harry.
Eleanor/ [edited and designed by Anne Kennedy, Nicholas Callaway ; photographs by Harry Callahan]. New York: Callaway Editions, 1984.

Capa, Robert.
Robert Capa: photographs/ edited by Cornell Capa and Richard Whelan. New York: Knopf, 1985.

The Carmen Lamanna Gallery at the Owens Art Gallery. Toronto, Ont.: Carmen Lamanna Gallery, c1974.
(Catalogue for exhibition, January 6-January 25, 1975.)

Contemporary Canadian photography from the collection of the National Film Board/ produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Still Photography Division ; [foreword, Hugh MacLennan, introduction, Martha Langford]. Edmonton: Hurtig, 1984.

Creative photography: an historical survey. Tehran, Iran: Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 19–
(Catalog from an exhibition by Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in affiliation with the Shahbanou Farah Foundation.)

Curran, Douglas.
In advance of the landing: folk concepts of outer space. New York: Abbeville Press, 1985.

DeKay, William.
Down home: a journey into rural Canada. Toronto: Stoddart, 1997.

Discovery: inner and outer worlds. portfolio II. Carmel, Calif.: The Friends of Photography, c1970.

Dojc, Yuri.
Marble woman. Willowdale, Ont.: Firefly Books, 1993.

Don Worth photographs 1955 – 1985 / introduction by Hal Fischer. Carmel, Calif.: Friends of Photography, cl986.

Exploring Japan: an anthology of photo essays from Canon Chronicle/ [photos by Ben Simmons …[et al]; text by Wendy Holdenson … [et al]. Tokyo : Canon : East Publications [distributor], 1988.

Exposure. [New York: Society for Photographic Education], vol. 16, no. 1, March 1978.

Faces of Canada: a Ford of Canada photographic collection/Visages du Canada: collection de photographies Ford du Canada/ edited by J. Marc Cote Pouliot. Toronto: Urban Photographic Projects, c1992.

Fillion, John.
Thoughts about my sculpture / John Fillion; recorded by Dorothy Cameron [notes] and John Reeves [photography]. Toronto: Martlet Press, [1968].

Five Manitoba photographers: John Paskievich, Michaelin McDermott, Leonard Schlichting, David Barbour, Brian Appel. [Winnipeg]: The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1979.
(Catalogue from an exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, April 21-June 24, 1979.)

Garrod, Richard.
Photographs / by Richard Garrod and Henry Gilpin. [With foreword by Ansel Adams and Glenn Wessels.[s.l.:s.n.,1970].

Greenhill, Ralph.
Canadian photography : 1839-1920 / Ralph Greenhill and Andrew Birrell. Toronto: Coach House Press, c1979.

Harmony: photographic journeys across our cultural borders/ Harmonie; voyages en photos a travers nos frontiers culturelles/ The Harmony Movement ; introduction by June Callwood. Toronto: Macmillan Canada , [1998 ].
(Companion text to the travelling photographic exhibit: Them = Us : photographic journeys across our cultural boundaries. Part of the Many faces, one voice project, begun in 1997 by 24 photographers, and incorporating prose or poetry by 24 noted Canadian authors to explore the minority and multicultural experience in Canada. The photographers are either with PhotoSensitive (a collective of photographers involved in social issues), or independent.)

Harris, Pamela.
Another way of being: photographs of Spence Bay, N.W.T./ by Pamela Harris. Toronto: Impressions, c1976.
(Impressions monograph ; no.15)

Hine, Lewis Wickes.
Lewis W. Hine, 1874-1940: two perspectives / by Judith Mara Gutman. New York: Grossman Publishers,1974.

Hines, Sherman.
Canadian landscape portfolio. Halifax, N.S: Stone House, 1987

Hooks, Margaret.
Tina Madotti: photographer and revolutionary. London: Pandora, c1993.

Hosoe, Eikoh.
Eikoh Hosoe / afterword by Ronald J. Hill. Carmel,Calif.: Friends of Photography, c1986. (Untitled: 42.)

Image Nation. Toronto: Coach House Press, 19?? Vol. 13, 14 & 15.

Impulse. Winter 1977, vol. 5, no. 3.

The insistent object: photographs 1845-1986/ [editor, Jeffrey Fraenkel]. San Francisco: Fraenkel Gallery, c1987.
(This publication accompanies an exhibition at Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, 4 March-18 April,1987.)

Latent image: photographs from the Duke University Community / by Russell Rigsbee and others ; editor: Robert Roscow. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Publications Board, 1971.
(Reproductions of photographs exhibited in the Duke University Art Museum.)

Lisette Model. Tucson, Arizona: Center for Creative Photography, 1977 (Aperture May 1997, no. 4)

Lyons, Nathan.
Vision and expression/edited by Nathan Lyons. New York: Horizon Press, [c1969].
(Prepared on the occasion of the exhibition, ‘Vision and expression,’ which opened at the George Eastman House in February of 1969.)

Mark, Mary Ellen.
Photographs of Mother Teresa’s missions,of charity in Calcutta, India / Mary Ellen Mark; [introduction by David Featherston]. Carmel, Calif.: The Friends of Photography, c1985. (Untitled 39.)

Martone, Michael.
Dark light. New York: Lustrum Press, 1973.

Michael Semak / Monograph [editors: Shin Sugino, John B. Pendergrast].Toronto : Impressions, 1974.
(Impressions, special double issue, No. 11 and 12)

Milne, Courtney.
Spirit of the land: sacred places in native North America, Toronto: Viking, 1994.

Minden, Robert.
Separate from the world: meetings with Doukhobor Canadians in British Columbia / À ‘écart du reste du monde : conversations avec des Doukhobors canadiens de la Colombie-Britannique /V otchuzhdenii ot mira… / Robert Minden. Vancouver [B.C.] : National Film Board of Canada, 1979.
(Catalogue for an exhibition held August 22 to September 21, 1980, at the Vancouver Art Gallery ; organized by the National Film Board of Canada.)

Morrow, Pat.
The Yukon / Pat & Baiba Morrow. Willowdale, Ont. Firefly Books, c1997.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Private realities: recent American photography. Boston: [1974].

Mussa, Italo.
L’innocenza morbosa dell’occhio fotogiafico di Wilhelm von Gloeden/ The inquisitive innocence of the photographic eye of Wilhelm von Gloeden. Taormina, Sicily: Palazzo Corvaia,1980.

National Gallery of Canada.
Notations in passing, 1970 /Impressions au passage, 1970 / photographs by Nathan Lyons from the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, [Ottawa, 1971].
(An exhibition circulated by the Extension Services of the National Gallery of Canada, 1971-72.)

Open only in total darkness / Lisa Frank …[et a]. [s.l.]: Goddard Press, 1972.

Open passport: John Max. (Impressions, special double issue, No. 6 and 7) Toronto, 1973.

The past in focus: a community album before 1918 : photographs from the Notman Studio, Halifax/ selected by Shelagh Mackenzie, Scott Robson and Roger Crowther ; catalogue notes by Scott Robson ; introductory essay by Roger Crowther ; organized by the Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, Atlantic Studio. Halifax, N.S. : Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University, c1983.

Payne, Carol.
Extended vision: the photography of Thaddeus Holownia 1975-1997 /Vision élargie : les photographies de Thaddeus Holownia de 1975 à 1997/ Carol Payne. Ottawa : Musée canadien de la photographie contemporaine / Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, 1998. [Exhibition catalogue]

Penn, Irving.
Passage: a work record / Irving Penn with the collaboration of Alexandra Arrowsmith and Nicola Majocchi ; introduction by Alexander Liberman ; produced by Nicholas Callaway. New York: Knopf, 1991.

Photosensitive: ten years, a work in progress. [Oakville, Ont]: PhotoSensitive, 2000.

The pro football experience / designed & edited by David Boss. New York: Harry N. Abrams, [1973].

Rogovin, Milron.
Milton Rogovin: lower West Side, Buffalo, New York/James N. Wood. Buffalo: Albright-Knox Art Gallery, c1975.

Skoogfors, Lief.
The most natural thing in the world/ photographs by Leif Skoogfors ; text by John Cooney. New York: Harper and Row, [1974].

Soul of Vermont / [text by John Mahoney]. [Plainfield, Vt.: Goddard Press, 1972?]

Stoumen, Louis Clyde.
Lou Stoumen : photographs, 1934-1977. [s.l. : s.n., 1977?]
(Catalogue of an exhibition held June 18-July 31, 1977 at Friends of Photography, Carmel and Dec., 1977 at The Witkin Gallery, New York.)

Sylvester, John.
From red city & salt water: Prince Edward Island & its people. Charlottetown: Ragweed, 1994.

Thomas, John.
John Thomas 1838-1905: photographer/ Hilary Woollen and Alistair Crawford. Llandysul [Wales?]: Gomer Press, 1977.

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Mailings (16 items)

Tokyo Museum of Modern Photography.

Alfred Stieglitz and His Contemporaries [exhibition catalogue] September 9 – November 3, 1997.

Moholy-Nagy and the New Vision. [exhibition catalogue] 1990

Critical Landscapes [exhibition catalogue] 1993

The Age of Modernism [exhibition catalogue] 1995

Language of Light [exhibition catalogue] 1995

JCII Photo Salon [exhibition catalogue]

Theme 2 Animation [exhibition catalogue] 1996

Eugene Atget: A Retrospective [exhibition catalogue] 1998

American perspectives: Photographs from the Polaroid Collection [exhibition catalogue]

Peoples Photography: 10th Anniversary Picture Collection [exhibition catalogue] 1993

Face of Era [exhibition catalogue] 1990.

Moving Image: the 100th Anniversary of Cinema [exhibition catalogue] 1996.

Towell, Larry.
El Salvador. New York: Center for Documentary Studies in association with Norton & Co, c1997.

Uelsmann, Jerry.
Jerry N. Uelsmann. New York: [Aperture], 1973.

Von Tiedemann, Cylla.
The dance Photography of Cylla von Tiedemann/ Images de la danse par Cylla von Tiedemann. Ottawa: National Arts Centre, 1991.

Weber, Eva.
Alfred Stieglitz . London: Bison Books, 1994.