Toronto Metropolitan University Numeris Help Guide

Numeris, formerly called BBM, is a not-for-profit organization that provides authoritative data on broadcast measurement and consumer behavior data for radio and television. It is used by broadcasters and advertisers to determine ratings, viewership, and listenership by demographic, and by researchers to better understand Canadian media consumption. Numeris data is obtained through sampling, and results are generalized to the population. PPM and diary methods are used.

Please refer questions about Numeris to Librarian, Michelle Schwartz –

There are three methods for accessing numeris data, and different data is available through each method.

Access Method 1: Online Public Data

Select Numeris data is free to the public online, including reports for the top 30 TV shows (Video Insights – Numeris – including Topline data) and radio station listenership (Audio Insights – Numeris – including Topline data).

Access Method 2: Numeris WorkstationsNumeris Workstation

Two Numeris workstations are available within the Library on the main floor (2nd floor) that provide access to more robust data than is publicly available online. The workstations are available to current Toronto Metropolitan University students, faculty, and staff, and require a my.torontomu login for access.

Numeris Radio and TV datasets loaded and available for use through software called InfoSys+, which is owned by the Numeris subsidiary NLogic. An NLogic login is required to access how to manuals. This login can take 24 hours to activate.

The data that is available through these workstations is at least one year old, as per the agreement between the Library and Numeris. Radio data is released on an ongoing schedule, and television data on a fall/spring schedule. Numeris data accessed through these workstations is to be used for educational purposes, as per the agreement between the Library and Numeris.

Access Method 3: Print Archives
Numeris Books

The TMU Library has print archives of Numeris (formerly called BBM) reports from 1956 to 2009. Access to these materials is available to external community members for in-Library use. To receive access, present your photo ID to circulation staff and request the retrieval of specific years from closed stacks.

BBM Materials:

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