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Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company, provides global content with multiple language interfaces and multilingual content covering nearly 8,000 sources.

Factiva provides access to over 1,000 global and local newspapers including the full text of the Globe & Mail from November 14, 1977, more than 6,500 magazines, including industry-specific journals and newsletters, 270+ newswires, including Dow Jones, Reuters and The Associated Press, 160+ Media Programs, with transcripts from BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and more, 9,000 Web sites in more than 20 languages and more than 20,000 Company Reports. On average, 3,000+ pictures are added each week from Reuters and Knight Ridder.

Company Research Tools Perform company screening on a collection of nearly 24,000 global companies using 26 criteria. Current quotes and market data are available. Instrument types supported include global stocks, market indices, mutual funds and corporate bonds.