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Exporting folders from Refworks to Endnote Web

Users may can move all of their references from RefWorks to Endnote Web using the steps below. This export does not move attachments.

  • Export your references either all together, or one folder at a time.
  • To export one folder at a time, first create groups in Endnote Web to match the folder names from your RefWorks database. This is done by selecting Manage My Groups from the Organize tab
  • In your RefWorks database, navigate to Organize & Share Folders
  • Beside each folder name, there are two folder icons. Click on the left folder icon, choose Export and then RefWorks Tagged Format.
  • A new window will open containing the references you will export. Use your browser File menu and select Save As. Save the file with a name you will recognize later (i.e. the name of the folder), and make sure the file extension is .txt
  • In Endnote Web go to the Collect tab and click Import References
  • On the Import References screen, click on the Choose File button and select your saved .txt file
  • Choose RefWorks Import as the Import Option (add it to your drop down list by clicking on Select Favorites and copying RefWorks Import from All to My Favorites
  • Choose a the group name corresponding to your folder within the To drop down menu. This is the location where your references will be stored in Endnote Web
  • Click Import
  • Repeat the process of exporting references from all remaining folders and importing them into your corresponding Endnote Web groups