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3D Printing FAQ

1) Can I use the 3D printer for projects that are not school related?
Of course! But, please note that priority will be given to academic projects. This is especially true close to the end of term, when there is a high demand for 3D printing thesis and capstone projects.

2) I am currently an undergraduate at TMU, is the printing service included in my tuition?
3D printing is free at the DME.

3) Do I have to make an appointment to use the printers, or can I just drop in?
It depends on the scope of your project. From time to time, printers are available on a first come first serve basis, but it is best to make an appointment. Contact us with a description of your project for the best advice.

4) If I have a project that requires multiple parts, do I have to be present for all the parts or do I leave my project to one of the DME representatives to be completed?
You must be present to start all prints.

5) What format should my files be in?
Your files should be in the .stl or .obj format.

6) What programs should I look into to make those files?
There are a number of excellent tools for building 3D models. For beginners, we recommend tinkercad.

7) Is there a guarantee of quality?
As a free service, we cannot guarantee a specific level of quality or tolerance. Speak to an advisor to learn about ways to optimize quality.

8) I need this done for a project due tomorrow help!
It’s unlikely that we can make this happen. Even most commercial print shops will have trouble with such a request. It’s best to call such places and see what they can do for you.